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Rigid Industries - Lighting upgrade for our Overland Tacoma build

Today we are going to focus on Lizzies regular cab Tacoma and updating some of the Rigid Industries lights on "Lil Truck". Working with All Rigid Industries products we are swapping out the front 30" light bar Sr series pro with hyper spot and flood combo for a 30" SR Radience series with a multi color backlight but locking it on blue to match the 7" 360's on the roof. We also swap the ditch lights from the 4" 360 series amber backlite with a spot beam pattern to a blue backlite driving pattern to get a little more spread on the sides of the trial and pull the whole blue backlight motif together on the front of the truck. Finally around back, we install the Rigid Industries Chase amber lights on the underside of our Prinsu roof rack. Based on time we only used the flashing chase function on these. Later we plan to build a custom harness as they have way more options they are capable of: Reverse white, Red low for driving lights, and red high for brake lights. That is going to end up being a custom harness and some relays after we tap into those lights, most likely from the trailer harness under the back. But that will be a future video. We will touch on some install and wiring and show you some of the completed build. Enjoy the video and please hit that subscribe button to be notified of future videos. -Were an open book so please ask any questions you may have.

Happy adventureing! Brett & Lizzy, Our Overland Life

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