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Overland Tundra With a Flippac : Full Time Living Truck Bed : Build Recap

A few years ago when we decided to hit the road and travel full time we also decided we needed something more than just the hardshell wedge roof top tent on a truck shell we were running on our Toyota Tundra. We had seen a friend's Flippac camper a few times and really like the amount of space it offered especially for two people and three dogs traveling together. The very low profile when closed was also enticing to us us because we still found ourselves exploring such narrow trails. We really needed a small footprint on our truck if possible. With a lot of searching and some help from our friend we finally found a really nice used Flippac for our full-size truck with a 6.5' bed.

We purchased the flippac the first month we hit the road as full time overland travelers. It took us 5 days to design the inside of the truck bed with a two burner stove a sink and a basic kitchen with fresh water and a small simple grey water tank. We incorporated in extra storage for out chairs, gear and dog food container. on the left side of the truck camper interior we designed in a bench seat that flipped over and became a bed. We found the cushions for the bench bed at Ikea. For the cushions we ended up purchasing a toddler mattress and cutting down the mattress into sections to create 4 cushions that made a bench or could be placed together to make a bed when the bench was flipped over. Liz covered the cut down cushions with serape blankets found in Old Town San Diego. As frame work for the kitchen and the bench bed build out we decided to use box tube aluminum and EZ Connectors. We went with these supplies because they are light weight and the aluminum box tub could be easily cut to any length and then the EZ connector corners hammer down to create a strong frame. Brett found cabinetry plywood for the doors and facings for our kitchen and due to limited time and supplies we used some black regular cabinetry hinges that actually held up well. We tried to use a counter top from ikea as our kitchen counter but when we cut it down the center was made of cardboard and not wood so that seemed unsafe to install a stove in. We found an old wooden door on the side of our family's house they let us cute down and we used that to make our kitchen counter. In the Kitchen we installed a 2 burner gas stove made by Flame King (this did not hold up for us) but at the time we thought it would work well. We couldn't find an rv sink small enough for our space so we purchased an aluminum mixing bowl from Target and cut a hole in the bottom to make our sink. Brett purchased a drain kit from home depot and installed it in the bottom of the mixing bowl and it worked perfectly as our kitchen sink. For water we installed a hand pump small boat faucet and ran clear tubing from a Front Runner 5 gallon gerry can. The sink then drained down into a simple 1 gallon jug we used as our grey water collection. The build took us 5 days to complete once all our supplies showed. We hit the road for full time overland living and for the most part our interior flippac build work out great for us. We ended up making a few modifications along the way and we will be posting those updates soon.

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