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We are Brett & Liz

Life is short and a few years ago we had a dream to make the most of it. Jan 2019. we sold everything in our home, rented out our house, moved into our 1976 Airstream, and hit the road with our shiny tin can, 2 Toyotas and our 3 pups. 

We spent 2019 in the western United States and ventured up into Canada for a month.  Most of our time was spent in the Tundra and sometimes we also traveled with the Tacoma because we both like to drive trails and Liz wasn't going to sit them out when we hit Colorado.

2020 we Spent the winter months in the Airstream, then we based out of areas for a few months at a time staying with friends and family.  We took a 5 week trip in the Tacoma alone with both of us and 3 dogs.

Then we bought the 4x4 van... see what happened there

2021 Has us in the Airstream for the winter months and we are hitting the road in the van soon... keep in touch for the upcoming adventures!

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