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Rig Walk Around of our Overland 2door Tacoma - by Lizzy_Kates

Rig walkaround with @lizzy_kates 2013 2door Toyota Tacoma 4x4, 2.7 4 cylinder engine manual transmission. A unique small truck overland build. She talks about what features are on it, the gear she runs, & why. This isn't just a truck for driving forest roads. It has run trails in Moab including Hells Revenge and Fins and Things, climbed Colorado trails up to 13K ft, and run miles and miles and miles of dirt roads.

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Links to some of the products featured in this Video are:

-Step 22 Pangolin tool roll that we use:

-Step22 Stingray Flat box:

-Dometic CFX35 Fridge:

-Lifesaver water filter 20L:

Many more coming soon on the Links page of the website.

Partial Dictation(Shortened to fit for Youtube):

This is my Tacoma let's check it out. CBI steel front bumper has been fantastic and fits a 30 inch light bar, Rigid Sr series. A Warn 8000 winch. This truck is a very basic 4x4 it has, Nothing: open diffs,no Atrack or lockers. It's fun because it's a lightweight, short-wheelbase rig. In the torpedo tubes, Rigid DOT Amber daytime driving lights. I use these all the time. I get asked if the grill is a wrap and the answer is no. I hand-painted it, so this is a one-of-a-kind job. Suspension: Total Chaos upper control arms and Elka DC series 2.5 adjustable Shocks and springs, front and rear with DuroBump Active bump stops. Toyo Open Country MT's 55x85-R16’s. A little taller and narrower tire with basic black steelie wheels, they look great and have that retro feel. Regular cab Tacoma owners out there. The wheelbase is pretty much the same as the Jeep JKU. These are Jeep JK sliders that we had welded on I put a hard shell on it. I deal with a lot of weather, so I prefer having the hard shell with the open side hatch windows. You can sleep with two people and three dogs. We have done it, (For 5 weeks!) it’s definitely a little cozy. We built a platform with access below, these opening side access hatches, and 5 inch thick cushions. We've got twinkly lights. I made curtains. It's comfortable and cozy. I have a 12v heated blanket from the secondary battery, Ctek, and solar if I'm stationary. I am running a Prinsu rack with Roam case. I keep my recovery gear here and frees up a bunch of inside space. Inside I’ve got a few light switches, front ambers, light bar, & the rear lights because I can get to them really quickly. I also have a charging port for iphone & ram mount. Then we've got a Garmin Tread nav unit. It allows me to track where I’m going and drop bread crumbs and find campsites. It also works with my power switch, under the hood I have a Bluetooth-controlled unit with my roof lights, ditch lights, blue backlights, and rock lights. It also has a trail ride feature where you can communicate with anyone else who has one and also shows the group ride. Check out my rear seat delete. I added truck bed mesh to the entire backspace to organize. I've got my tool bag, step 22 Pangolin, airup tools, extra paper maps, axe, rain gear, jackets, warm gear, and a hammock. This is where we installed our Midland GMRS radio. We've got a hi-vis overland awning. I can open this and close it by myself I have a steel bumper it’s not high clearance, I didn't think I needed it with my wheelbase. I decided to put on the Rigd tire gate, this allows me to carry my rotopax and 4 gallons of extra fuel. I am running the last US bag companies tire storage bag. We've put chairs trash and GoTreads inside it, it holds up really well. The lights on the rack are Rigid trail lights, these strobe to be seen through dust. I also have the Garmin backup camera, this is Bluetooth and this ties in with my Garmin unit that I'm running in the cab. The field of view is fantastic. This is where I sleep. I have the relentless fabrication steel tailgate cover. It’s a great surface. I have my platform, and we've built a center drawer that is just manpowered. I have a GasOne single burner stove that runs off either green propane cans or butane fuel. It's screwed down to a built-in platform where I've got pots and pans underneath, everything has a place. I've got dry goods and seasonings etc behind it. I love that I can get to camp, the stove is ready and I just start cooking. I always keep this step 22 Stingray back here full of extra dry goods, 2 camp chairs and dog food bin, and dog stuff. Everything fits. I am running a Dometic CX35 fridge. It's a good size for me and for my truck. My water storage solution is a Lifesaver 5 gallon Jerry. This filters the water so we've been able to get water from lakes, rivers, or questionable RV parks in the middle of nowhere. It’s small, it’s not for everybody, but I love it, thanks for checking out my rig, and see you on the trails.

Some of the Many great sponsors on this truck and for our lifestyle are:

Elka Suspension, DuroBump active bumpstops, Step22 Gear, Garmin, Midland radios, Toyo Tires, Rigid Industries, Rigd Tire gate, Adventure imports, Go Treads, Highground Adventure Gear, VSSL, Roam Adventure company, Tactillian, Total Chaos Fabrication, Blue Ridge Chair works, Revel Gear (Discount code ouroverlandlife) and Outerlimits supply. Most of these companies supply us with product in exchange for content. Or at the very least a deep discount on th products we use heavily. We also do paid photography for many of them for their websites and promotional material. None of them have paid us for this specific content or give us any direction for the content we share.

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