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Exploring Montana and Idaho with 4x4 Vans

Trip Recap, Over 4th of July 2021 we took our 4x4 E350 Adventure Van out and meet up with our friends Jill and Bryan with their Red Sportsmobile Pop Top E350 4x4 Adventure Van. This was our first trip exploring with just the two vans out on some beautiful dirt trails. We started outside Bozeman and found a few trails leading up to an alpine lake and high altitude mountain camp sites, at least for the area. After a few days of exploration we rolled back through Bozeman stoping for coffee of course and to resupply. We continued our overland journey with the 4x4 vans through the Bitterroot valley in Montana and found a dirt route outside the cute western town of Darby that routed us through the mountains along the Montana and Idaho border. There are lots of offshoot trails in the area and we took one up to an old fire tower look out. The road at the very top still had just enough snow to keep us from driving all the way up to the fire tower, so we continued on foot and the fire tower is open to explore and even camp at. Everything is pack it in pack it out of course. Other off shoot trails in the area took us to a hot spring and we found a designated camp ground in a section of burned out forest to boondocks our clamping 4x4 vans at. There was even a creek running behind the campsite that we cooled off in and the dogs enjoyed. The overland van trips with our friends are never long enough but this feels like the beginning of many fun adventures with these two rigs. The Red E350 Sportsmobile 4x4 Van belongs to @JillianRebekah and @bflik

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