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Keeping it Sharp!

Gear talk - Work Sharp Sharpeners - GUIDED FIELD SHARPENER

Having the right tool for the job. Well we carry an ax, and 2 hatchets with us as well as having several different knives but what good are all these tools if they aren't sharp. In the past when we lived in a house with a garage to house all our extra things we had large sharpeners. If our tools got a little dull after a week out we could just plug in the electric sharpener and make quick work of those edges. But that all changed when we hit the road full time, we needed a small portable solution to our dull edges problem.

The Guided Field Sharpener from Work Sharp Sharpeners has been exactly what we were looking for. It's small and easily fits in a backpack or in our case in the organizer on the back of the seat in the Van. We've sharpened our knives and axes with it but it can also handle filet knives, serrations and even fish hooks. And lets be honest here it's fun to sit around the campfire chatting with friends and sharpen our outdoor tools.

Want to find out more - Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

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